Links Consultants

About Links :

Since 1998, Links Consultants has been providing self-employed workers with a complete legal, administrative and commercial infrastructure to make their day-to-day lives easier. Our personalized, fully online offering lets you manage your business independently, thanks to a dedicated private space and high-quality, individualized support : Premium+.

For companies with questions, or who wish to outsource intellectual services, our consultants are there to guide you. Links Consultants also has a vast professional network throughout France, as well as training courses to help you get started and grow.

A few words about Freeland :

Links is part of the Freeland Group, which has distinguished itself as a leading service platform in the freelancing market for over 20 years. With sales of around 400 million euros by 2022 and a community of 375,000 freelancers.

This platform simplifies the whole process: handling your administrative and paperwork, supporting you and answering your questions on a daily basis. They find assignments, place talent with partner companies, and train you to be the most successful freelancer.