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Portage salarial : a legal way of enabling professionals working independantly to provide their services


Portage salarial system was introduced in France in the 1980's and is now well established. This system is close to the Umbrella Company. Links Consultants is one of the leading Portage salarial companies in France.

A legal way of enabling professionals working independantly

Portage salarial is a legal framework that allows professionals, for example experts, independent consultants, coaches, trainers or entrepreneurs to develop their own businesses. This system enables the professionals to have employee status and its administrative benefits, such as national insurance, taxation, unemployment contributions. Links Consultants has supported more than 10,000 consultants since 1998.

How Umbrella Company does it work ?

Portage salarial is a tripartite relationship, between :

The Portage salarial company

This supports the consultants in their business development (insurance, training, counseling, networking events, co-working facilities etc.). The contract will be signed between the client and Links in accordance with prior discussions between the client and the consultant. An employment contract will be signed between the Portage salarial company and the consultant.

The consultant will be given private access by ID & password to their documents and data in a dedicated area of the Portage salarial website. It enables immediate access to their contracts, invoices, fees & expenses as well as updates on current news.

Professional, consultant, or freelancer

The consultant develops their own business. They prospect clients, negotiate the contractual conditions of services provided to clients. They implement the project. Links Consultants acts as an umbrella company, invoicing clients, organizing registration details and handling the payment of social charges Links pays the professional a salary plus expenses according to the invoiced payment minus a percentage for our services. If you want to set up a business, our portage services are an easy way of continuing your work or starting something new without all the form-filling and administration involved.

Furthermore, we provide you with access to our network of other consultants, experts and professionals. Our advice and support will help you to develop your own business.

Testimony of Robert Davis

I set up my own consultancy marketing business in 2011. Thanks to Links Consultants, I was able to focus on providing a quality service to my clients without the worry of paperwork and social payment. I've been able to collaborate with other professionals via the Links network. I have a constant supply of work and the portage salarial scheme fulfills my requirements.

The client

The client has a professional relationship with the consultant who implements a project according to the client's specifications. The B to B contract will be signed with the Portage salarial company.

The Portage salarial company provides administrative and legal support including B to B contract, guarantee and liability insurance. It also invoices project fees and, as necessary, any additional fees & expenses. It can produce time-sheets (as appropriate).

What conditions must be met ?

Portage salarial can apply to any project implemented by a professional or a consultant. Examples include service delivery, consulting, training, IT, coaching or any work in so-called intellectual services. Whether a small business or a large multi-national, Portage salarial offers an effective solution. As is the case for any project contract term, Portage salarial law dictates that the project will not exceed 36 months. The Client is unable to provide the required resources in-house.

A legal framework

Portage salarial is governed by the French labor law (article L.1254-1 and the following articles). On 2 April 2015, an ordonnance specified its scope and implementation: Portage salarial is a set of obligations between: a Portage salarial company, professionals, and clients. The consultant benefits from the status of employee of the Portage salarial company, and receives wages for project implementation.